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a bevy of Brevard beauties gather for the 1967 debutante ball

The year was 1967, and Central Brevard hosted this bevy of beauties for a first ever debutante ball that featured many of CHS's sassiest and smartest. Held December 28, 1967, at the then new Sheraton Cape Colony, in Cocoa Beach. Clik here for the seating chart if you need a little help remembering who's who. We're unsure as to whether or not debutante balls are even held anymore, at least in Florida. As to the featured hairstyle, "bouffant's" what's in then and may be again. This thanks to Rickey Johnston-Wallace, who also shored up my dated knowledge of Sixties dos.

Rickey Johnston, Sally Hyden, and Linda Bek recall their senior year at Cocoa Beach High School

Thanks also to Rickey (left) for this look back at a mother-daughter luncheon circa 1967 of Sally Hyden (center) and Linda Bek (right), both of whom left us far too young. If charisma had a face, it was Linda's. My personal memory is of that easy, 1,000-watt smile of hers that really lit up the joint – you could see it coming from around the corner, soaking anyone in range with an inner glow from that patented personality she possessed.