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Halloween's history and Thanksgiving looms nigh. Thought it was time to visit the stacks and see what might be resurrected as we head into the holiday season and a new year to follow.

Compare the above pix to today's MTV offerings. This isn't an editorial, just an observation. We grew up on The Mickey Mouse Club, which I'm pretty sure raised eyebrows somewhere. Dance steps were picked off the air by studying American Bandstand, making sure the rabbit ears were properly aligned for maximum black and white reception. (It is true color television was available, as long as you weren't picky about what was broadcast.)

Spanish paella with chorizo, mussels, shrimp, and chickenAs you can easily see, the preferred method of "getting chicks" then was to study the net of a ping pong table, while waiting for lightning to strike. Hummph...I think we can agree this is the genesis of why women mature thinking men are idiots.

Can you id the party people shown? Let us know who you think is who; we didn't record names at the time, although Eric and Bev probably recognize themselves. Hey, we knew everyone in the shot, so it wasn't important that we “take notes”.

Another time capsule trivia answer: The Everlys, Don and Phil, crooned Bye Bye Love in perfect harmony for Cadence Records, in New York. New York?

It wasn't long after this that we were old enough to head for Tiger Den and Teen Town on Friday and Saturday nights. Djs spun 45s, and by then if anyone had suggested a crisp game of ping pong to pass the time, they'd of had to walk home.

One thing's for sure. Lacking video games, around the clock snacking, and 500-channel cable, we were living the kind of lifestyle that today we're compelled to pursue by joining a club.

More Nostalgia To Lose Sleep Over — Take A Guess
before the t-backLong before the t-back, the thong, the Brazilian wax, there was the original bikini, aka, “two-piece”. This archival b&w may be from Sanlando Springs, but it could also just be from the beach. Clik on the image for larger view, take a guess, and let us know.

Mercury capsule Freedom Seven, first US manned space craftNASA Tours Then — No Charge, And No Stopping In 1961, Alan Shepard rode the Freedom Seven Mercury space craft into suborbit, an event some of us watched from the field behind Merritt Island Jr. High. Just weeks after the event, sightseers catch a glance during a drive-by, which also included views of the launch vehicle. Clik on image for a better view.

Enjoy the holidays, and if you've been waiting to share a special memory, now's the time. literature is a new addition to the site, made possible by Bobby Fuhrel's generous sharing of his first-person narrative, Just One Slice of Life. I'm looking forward to more of Bobby's work in the months ahead; as they say in the Times book review, give it a read

gator road kill on sr 520, June, 2000Normally I can cruise right by the hapless opossum, the luckless armadillo, the too brazen raccoon, but it's pretty darn hard to miss a "What's This? An Eight Foot Gator!" laying half out in the highway.